Why Choose In-home Care?

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In-home care improves quality of life.
Studies by nursing schools and government agencies have found that in-home care extends the quality of life of individuals receiving care. Visits by home care personnel often provide emotional, spiritual, and medical support. Clients who are supported in these three key areas tend to enjoy a higher quality of life.
In-home care is less expensive than other forms of care.
The cost of home care is always less expensive than hospitalization and almost always more affordable than nursing home or assisted living care. This is because home care can be individualized to meet specific client needs. Home care professionals don’t expect clients to fit into a standard plan of care.
In-home care helps keep families together.
At no time is family more important than during a time of illness. Receiving care in the home is less stressful on the client and family members. In a home setting, immediate and extended family members often take a more active role in caring for and visiting with a senior.
In-home care helps seniors maintain their independence.
Home care allows seniors to continue to live in the place the function and know best—their home.
In-home care helps promote healing.
Medical evidence shows that people recover more quickly at home. Not only because of the individualized care that is received with in-home care, but also because it lowers the risk of contracting an infection or additional illness. Staying amid a chronically ill population, such as a hospital or long-term care facility, patients are unnecessarily exposed to risk of infection and illness.
In-home care is personalized care.
Because of the one-on-one care options provided by home care, the client receives personalized care from day one. Individualized care allows staff to fully understand and meet the needs of a client opposed to a 1:15 care ratio in a facility.
In-home care has the highest level of customer satisfaction.
People prefer to be at home; that is a fact. Providing personalized care and allowing a client to remain in his or her own home greatly reduces stress on the client and family members.
In-home care is delivered by a special group of people.
People don’t work in the home care industry for the money. They do it because they have serving hearts and want to help others. They know that they are making a difference in people’s lives.
Can you provide services for people in retirement centers or assisted living facilities?
Yes, we can. Whether you are seeking care in your home, a retirement center, a rehabilitation facility, or an assisted living facility, our caregivers can provide the care you need.