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November 13, 2017
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Ways to Involve your Senior Family Member During the Holiday Season

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Frequently senior family members look forward to the holiday season to see loved ones that they see less frequently during the rest of the year. Below are a list of ideas and activities to make this holiday season extra special for them!

  1. Hand write them a Thanksgiving or Christmas card. Many families send out picture holiday cards, but consider adding an extra touch for Grandma or Grandpa. A hand-written note letting them know that you were thinking of them and how everyone is doing will light up their faces with an electric smile. Older family members do not frequently use social media so this is a great opportunity to let them know what is happening with your family’s life and give them some new topics of conversation with friends!
  2. Send them a small gift. A small expense can mean so much to someone who is frequently alone or does not see family often. A great gift for a senior loved one in your life could be a pair of warm festive socks and small bottle of blog seasonal lotion, or a personalized frame with a family portrait. These little gestures go a long way and will make your loved ones Holiday season merry and bright!
  3. Find a way to have them over for a holiday dinner. When a loved one lives out of town or in a nursing home it may be hard to have them over for a family dinner. But with the help from Angels Senior Home Solutions we can help to get them there and provide needed care while they are at the event. Our staff is competent, caring, and friendly and will make your loved one comfortable while getting to a loved one’s and help them enjoy time with their family while in the comfort of a family members home. Holiday events can take a lot of planning and preparation so having skilled and trustworthy help with transporting Grandma to Christmas dinner would be a big help!
  4. Pick up the phone. A simple phone call wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas goes a long way. They love hearing from a loved one and even if the call is short and sweet or long and winded it will be sure to be the highlight of their holiday!

The holiday season is a great reason to go above and beyond to put a smile on someone’s face, but remember these tips even moving forward through the rest of the year.

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