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SHC’s ThanksGIVING Trip- Homes of Hope, Tijuana

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The finished home

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday members from all three of our offices went on an adventure to Mexico to assist in the construction of a home for a needy family in Tijuana, Mexico. Through the program Homes of Hope the SHC Team spent 4 days at the YWAM campus. Homes of Hope’s global movement has been steadily gaining life- changing traction in transforming the lives of families in poverty via the gift of a new home since 1990. To date, over 100,000 individuals have volunteered to construct over 5,400 homes for the needy in 21 countries.

The home we constructed was for the Valenzuela Castorena Family. The family had a son, Angel (Age 9), with a hypoplasia who was in the hospital, so in order to get him home they needed a clean and safe environment for which to welcome him home. The current living conditions for the family was a makeshift shelter constructed of pallets, cardboard boxes, and tarps. It had a dirt floor and an outhouse to use for a toilet. Although Angel was not able to join us on the build his mother and father (Estella and Jesus) and two siblings (Iris and Joan) were a giant help.

We constructed the entire house in two days. The foundation was present on arrival but our team built the house from the ground up. Never before had I witnessed a group of people so happy to help and truly working together doing His work. It was a lot of work. By the end of day two, everyone was tired, sore, sweaty, and dirty. But every single person had a smile on their face. While our team put the finishing touches on the house we also had the opportunity to fill this house with furniture, appliances, and send the family to the store for needed supplies. After the family returned they had the opportunity to be alone in their home for the first time. We each had the chance to say how we felt, send a blessing, and wish the family well.

By the end of this build that we started as strangers, we truly became more like family. The kids were all playing together even with a language barrier and the looks in the eyes of the family and the warm embracing hugs said more than any amount of words could express. I left just thinking, this is the first night that this family will have a bed with sheets to sleep in. They will wake up to a clean home, with food to eat, and a new hope to reunite their family.

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