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July 19, 2017
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Getting Off to a Great Start with Care

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Our clients love to share stories about the strong bonds they developed with caregivers during their time together.  This happens, in part, thanks to our commitment to working with families and clients from day one to ensure we have the right people in place, and full understanding of their needs.  

During this time of adjustment, as new faces come into homes, caregivers and clients learn to communicate and understand each other, and routines are established.  

As with many things, a positive outlook and the appropriate expectations make the transition during the first few days of receiving care a pleasant experience. Many of our clients look forward to the additional companionship, and a renewed ease keeping up with day-to-day tasks.  Others are more reluctant to accept help.  

We spoke with Nancy, a client enjoying the benefits a caregiver has brought to her life, about her experience during the first few days of care.  She offered the following tips to help other clients, and families, begin their care plan as smoothly as possible.  

Tell me about your experience during the first few weeks of receiving care. “I looked forward to the companionship. I didn’t have cold feet, and was excited for the new addition to my life.  I was able to approach the changes enthusiastically because my family and the team at Angels Senior Home Solutions helped me understand the amazing benefits up front.” 

Were there any challenges? “I had some changing needs in the beginning, and finding caregivers who could accommodate my needs seemed impossible.   Sure enough, the staff at Angels Senior Home Solutions was very understanding and worked to find  great matches for my personality and unique needs .”  

People are often fearful, or anxious, about letting a caregiver enter their daily lives. How would you respond to that? “My experience was very satisfactory.  Angels Senior Home Solutions invested time and energy from the start to help me fully understand the process and learn about my needs and preferences. I didn’t have any concerns, and was pleased with the caregiver matches I was offered.”  

What would you tell someone to help them prepare for receiving care? “It is important to share the qualities you would like in a caregiver from the start.  Think about the common interests and skill sets that would make your day more enjoyable – and ask for it.”  

Nancy’s focus on the opportunities presented, and on her goals for care, helped her transition well – in spite challenges she faced. Thanks to her willingness to share her top needs, and to partner with us in finding the best people to meet those needs, we are able to help her maintain an active and engaged life through exceptional care.  

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