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March 7, 2017
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Caregiver’s Role in a Seniors Nutrition

One of the largest factors in our ability to stay strong and healthy later in life is good nutrition. As we age, buying groceries and preparing healthy meals can become more and more challenging, and can lead us into settling for the quicker, less healthy alternatives

Simply because we are older does not mean we must settle for a poor diet. With the help of a caregiver, seniors can get the assistance they need to prepare nourishing foods and remain healthy.

Here are simple ways that a caregiver can make a big impact on overall diet quality.

Meal Planning

In the beginning of the week a client can discuss with their caregiver what kind of meals sound appealing. A caregiver can assist in coming up with unique and innovative ideas while also steering the client in a healthier direction. This is critical when trying to maintain a doctor-ordered diet such as low sodium or high protein.

In addition, caregivers can default into meals full of protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains – essentials of a healthy diet. 

Handling the Shopping

Extensive walking, carrying of items, and pushing a heavy cart can become too much for some clients to handle. A caregiver can take some of the strain off of a client by handling the grocery shopping for, or with, them. Creating a plan to address the needs of a client ahead of shopping can translate into less time is spent in the grocery store and more thorough, healthy inventory of items at home.

Preparing Meals

Aging comes with natural muscle loss, which can lead to weakness. Carrying heavy pots and pans can become too difficult for some clients. With a caregiver, a client will still have the ability to prepare healthy meals, but can benefit from as little or as much assistance as they might need.

Caregivers provide the perfect amount of help to reduce the strain and can even cut cooking time down. By compiling ingredients, chopping, cooking items and serving the food with help, a client can spend their time enjoying the meal.

Cleaning Dishes

Knowing a large cleanup will come after cooking a meal can be enough to convince some to avoid cooking altogether. Scrubbing the pots, pans and utensils used can be a daunting task. Working up with a caregiver can simplify or eliminate this chore completely with a helping hand. In addition, caregivers can prevent muscle strain or injury by assisting with heavy or sharp objects.

Caregiver’s Make Life Easier

The task of grocery shopping, preparing nutrient-dense foods, cooking and then cleaning can become overwhelming and far more difficult as we age. If you have found that you or a loved one needs a little extra help when it comes to running errands and preparing healthy meals, contact Senior Home Companions. Through the assistance of a caregiver, seniors are able to continue living an active and independent life.

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