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You Can Help Your Loved One Adjust to a New Pace of Life

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Life is a series of changes and transitions – sometimes planned, and oftentimes unplanned. We experience changes with our work, our families, our interests and hobbies, and our own skills and limitations. With these changes come a need to adjust – to a new routine, to new people, or to new challenges.

Age, illness, and injuries force us to make changes to our lives. We may need adaptive devices, medical treatment, or help from others. It can be difficult to admit that we are not as healthy or independent as we once were, and that we need help with everyday activities like taking care of our homes, driving, or taking a shower.  As a result, we may resist the care that we need.

If you are concerned about a loved one who is experiencing new challenges, you can help by asking questions, listening to understand, and offering resources that align with his/her goals.

 – Ask Questions: How has their condition or injury impacted their life? What are some new challenges they’re facing? What are some things they can no longer do without help? How well are they able to participate in the things that are the most meaningful to them?

– Listen to Understand: Focus on what they feel is most important, or most challenging. Often, you will have other things in mind; but remember that the goal is to help your loved one live in the way that is most meaningful for him/her.

– Identify Resources: Now that you understand the challenges your loved one is facing, and the things that are most impactful, you can begin to identify resources to support him/her. This might be help from family and friends, paid companion care through an agency, or medical treatment to improve function. Focusing on the individual’s goals – like time with friends, staying at home safely, or improving balance and strength – and aligning supports with those goals will encourage your loved one to accept help and stay engaged in care.

If you decide it is time for paid companion care, let Angels Senior Home Solutions help you. Call us today at 765-463-2100.

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