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Senior Care Before, During and After Surgery

Going through surgery can be stressful. Beyond the concern over the underlying condition, the actual surgical procedure and the outcome, the logistics of having surgery can often pose a challenge.

Patients can make the surgery process less worrisome with Concierge Services from Angels Senior Home Solutions. These services are designed to make the experience of having surgery as easy and worry-free as possible – before and on the day of the procedure, as well during recovery.

We can assist a patient with preparation before surgery, transportation to and from the medical center, post-surgical monitoring and support. Trained, compassionate caregivers can assist with things like:

  • Accompany patient to the surgery center
  • Wait for them at the facility
  • Accompany them home and get them settled
  • Preparing meals
  • Monitoring status
  • Communicate with physician’s office and pharmacy
  • Overnight stays to help the patient feel secure

If you know someone expecting to undergo surgery, consider Surgical Concierge Services from Angels Senior Home Solutions to help ease the burden. Call (765) 463-2100 to learn more.

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