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June 11, 2013
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Memory and the Way We Were

Let’s face it – as we get older, our memory does not seem quite as sharp. While we may not remember where the car keys are, or the name of the actress in the 1974 movie you just saw on TV, it doesn’t mean you can’t start strengthening your memory.

Experts offer these tips:

Exercise your mind and body. Exercise, whether it’s walking briskly or doing a crossword puzzle every day. Physical and mental activities will help keep your brain strong. The hippocampus, the part of the brain that deals with memory, can grow or shrink depending on your health.

Reduce stress. Stress can actually kill brain cells. Try to stop stressing about things you have no control over and remember to relax. Deep breaths and short naps are great ways to reduce stress and clear your mind.

Visualize. Picture what you’re trying to recall. For example, take a moment to remember where you are when you park the car. Take in the surroundings, notice the strange blue building, the mighty red oak tree, or the light fixtures lining the streets. Trees and buildings won’t move — and will be waiting for you when you return

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