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November 26, 2015
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Meet Opal and Clive

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retirement senior couple happyOpal and Clive will celebrate 52 years together this Spring – whether Clive remembers it or not.

old hands grandpaClive’s memory issues began about 5 years ago with forgetting some little things – often – like where he put his car keys – even though he had put them in the same place for the past 30 years and even where his reading glasses were kept. He also began to stumble with words when carrying on a conversation. Opal didn’t really think anything about it until one day Clive told her the same story – almost word for word – five different times in a single afternoon.

As time went on, Clive started to forget more and more things. Opal would find him in their bedroom trying to get dressed, but was stumped on how to tie his shoes and found him in the bathroom forgetting how to shave.

elderly could look out at sceneryFor the past two years, Clive has been home bound because he isn’t capable
of driving, remembering where he is going, or even why. This, pretty much keeps Opal home as well – she refuses to leave him alone or even with family – unless it is an emergency. Although their daughters try to help out as much as possible, Opal just feels that something will go wrong if she isn’t there to care for Clive. She is so consumed with caring for Clive, that she hasn’t had time for herself in several years. She even neglects going to the doctor for herself unless it is an emergency.

Opal is overwhelmed with Clive’s recent digression in health but feels that she is the only one capable of caring for him. She won’t even think about the possibility of putting Clive in a care facility – no matter what it takes, she will continue to care for him.

Does the story sound familiar?

If so, our staff is specially trained to care for client with a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Please contact us today for more information.

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