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How to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. They are largest professional food and nutrition coalition dedicated to improving the public’s access to healthy food and nutrition information. National Nutrition Month is specifically dedicated to promoting their mission and creating awareness about healthy eating and lifestyles that everyone can get involved in.

This year, Angel’s is encouraging all our seniors and their families to get involved and participate this month. A proper diet is essential for anyone’s health and longevity, and becomes even more important the more we age. Our Angel’s team is committed to ensuring that all our members have the education and support they need to make healthy nutritional choices. Together, we can help encourage each other to continue healthy lifestyle choices.Senior Woman Eating Healthy Salad is the official website for National Nutrition Month, and has great blogs, videos, tips and other resources to get everyone in the family involved. Below are a few of our favorite articles and information nuggets specifically designed for seniors Angel’s chose to highlight. Browse the below list and see what information pertain specifically to your nutrition needs, and encourage your family and friends to check out the website as well.


5 Common Food-Drug Interactions: Many seniors take multiple types of medications several times a day. It’s important to understand how your medicine can interact with the food you’re eating, but it can also be difficult to keep track of this information. This blog outlines some common food-drug reactions you might not be aware of.

Healthy Weights for Healthy Older Adults: Your ideal weight depends on many factors besides just age: height, gender, previous medical history and daily activity level all contribute to how much seniors should weigh. This blog outlines the key philosophy that older adults need less calories but more nutrients. It also includes tips and advice for achieving your ideal weight.

Four Types of Food to Help Boost Your Memory: As we age, many adults suffer from memory loss. It can be as simple as increased forgetfulness or as severe as dementia and Alzheimer’s, but regardless it’s important for seniors to take proactive measures to increase their memory. This blog focuses on 4 food choices that can help with this.

Inflammation and Diet: Inflammation is the body’s way of protecting us against an injury or exposure that might have occurred. As we age, inflammation becomes much more common. However prolonged inflammation can be harmful to seniors. This blog addresses ways in which changes in our diet can help reduce inflammation.


Visiting the website also gives you access to several video blogs. Below is some information about each:

Improving Overall Health and Wellness: Listen to a registergrapes-690230_1280ed dietitian talk about the importance of nutrition in her life and how she uses her profession to help others achieve healthier lifestyles.

Eat Right with Health Concerns in Mind: Many health issues that are common for seniors—high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation—come with their own set of dietary restrictions. Listen to a nutritionist talk about the importance of understanding your health concerns and how they can affect your diet.

Eat Right For Your Lifestyle: Your activity level and lifestyle affect the types of food you should be eating. This video blog gives some quick tips about what types of food you should keep on depending on what type of life you lead.

Additional Resources

Recipes: Many people think healthy food can get boring and doesn’t have variety. These recipes work to prove you wrong.

Fitness: Nutrition only goes so far. Healthy eating habits need to be paired with an exercise plan. Use this site to explore different fitness options and information to help determine the activity level that you need.

Do you have any nutrition questions or additional ways in which you want to participate in National Nutrition Month? Talk to your Angels nurse for more information and ways you can get involved.


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