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How can a caregiver help?

Caring for an ailing, elderly loved one can be challenging. You find yourself trying to balance a host of new (and intimidating) responsibilities while still trying to manage your regular day-to-day tasks. Family and friends try to help when they can, but at times you may still feel alone and overwhelmed.  You recognize that your loved one now needs constant supervision and assistance with everyday activities, such as bathing and dressing, but you’re just not able to be around 24 hours a day because of work and other responsibilities. You want to make sure your loved one is receiving the best care possible, but you don’t want to put them in a nursing home. If this is your dilemma, you may want look into hiring an in-home caregiver.  

Benefits of Professional In-Home Care

If your loved one is suffering from an illness or permanent disability, then you recognize their need for professional specialty care. Professional caregivers are trained and certified in providing care for individuals living with ailments, such as, Alzheimer’s or dementia. Every individual is unique, therefore, the physical, practical, and emotional support needed differs from person to person. In-home care professionals are able to provide individualized care and support on a one-on-one basis versus facility based care. This means caregivers get to spend more time with a client, allowing them to get to know each client personally and better understand the needs of the individual.

How Can a Caregiver Help?

In-home caregivers are trained to provide assistance with a variety tasks, from household and personal care to special health and emotional care. This can include, but is not limited

  • Meal preparation
  • HousekeepingCommunicating with Doctors and Nurses on Behalf of Your Loved One or Parent | Angels Senior Home Solutions
  • Transportation and Shopping
  • Companionship
  • Bathing Supervision and Assistance
  • Grooming/Hygiene
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Medication Reminders
  • Oxygen Management
  • End of Life Supportive Care
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care
  • Advanced Care Management
  • Diabetic Meal Preparation

Keep in mind that certain tasks must be handled by a medical professional. Not all caregivers are licensed to provide assistance with medical tasks, such as, dressing changes, IV therapy, and injections. However, at Angels Senior Home Solutions skilled nurses are also available to provide in-home services.

Peace of Mind
Caregivers are also beneficial when it comes to those elderly ones who live alone. Because elderlDiabetes blog 2y persons run the risk of injury with no one there to help, people use caregivers as a way to check in on elderly loved ones who live out of state. If you have been trying to manage the care of a loved one from miles away, you may have experienced feelings of anxiety or guilt because you are not able to around as often as you’d like to be. You worry about what could happen in the case of an emergency if you’re unable to respond in time because of the distance between you and your loved one. In-home caregivers can help ease that anxiety because they are around at times when you can’t be. You can have peace of mind knowing that a professional is regularly checking up with your loved one.

Finding Someone You Can Trust

It’s not easy leaving the care of your loved one in the hands of someone else. Deciding to hire an in-home caregiver is a big decision and you want to make sure you do your research, whether you’re hiring a private care professional or going through an agency.

Angels Senior Home Solutions is a based-in-faith company that provides in-home healthcare and personal care services for seniors. Our Angels work hard to restore the independence, health, and confidence to your elderly loved one and ensure that you are both completely satisfied with companionship, care and services.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation that is free and no obligation.


Angels Senior Home SolutionsAngels Senior Home Solutions is a based-in-faith company that provides in-home healthcare and personal care services for seniors. Visit our website here or find us on Facebook or Twitter!

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