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Home Health Care is not an End–It’s a Beginning!

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We understand how important your independence and good health are to you, especially as you grow older. But the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Home health aides, like the wonderful staff we have at Angels Senior Home Solutions, can make your life so much easier while keeping you healthy, happy, and independent. Home health care is not an end–it’s a beginning to better health and friendship. Here are five reasons why a home health aide might be just what the doctor ordered.

home healthHome health aides can do more than treat diseases.

Sure, they’re awesome at treating wounds and helping you take your medication. But your aide can do so much more for you, such as preparing meals or even taking you to your doctors’ appointments. If you live alone, your personal caregiver can even act as a companion: someone who can play cards with you or talk you for a walk in the park. Home health aides can do as much or as little as you want them to do. They love their jobs and are here to help you!

They let you keep your independence.

Don’t worry–you will still be “the boss!” Your home health aide will do everything in his or her power to help you maintain your independence. Of course, they are there for you if you need them. By doing the little things like making sure you eat properly and take your medication and big things like cleaning your house, your aide is enabling you to remain healthy at home. At the same time, he or she will also respect any independence requests you have–to be able to get your own mail, for example.

Home health care make you comfortable having them in your home.home health

It is completely normal to have some concerns about someone new coming into your home, but our agency ensures that our home health aides are qualified, professional, and safe. We are more than happy to have your family meet your prospective home health aide before he or she begins taking care of you. We will make sure that you feel comfortable with your home health aide and get along well with him or her. Once you and your aide start spending even more time together, you will bond and become close friends.

They’re affordable!

One of the great things about home health care is that you can have an aide come as little or as often as you want (or feel you can afford). For those who are in relatively good health, a home health aide may need to come for no more than several hours a day. Angels understands that your health and independence should not come at a cost, so we offer exceptional service for reasonable rates.

Home health aides are a sign of even better things to come.

Don’t despair! It’s not weak to take on a health aide–it’s a sign of wisdom if you realize and accept that you need an extra set of hands. In fact, many clients end up spending years in home care, often with the same caregiver. Think of the good times you can have with your caregiver and friend! He or she can simplify your life, make sure you’re staying healthy, and provide a dose of companionship that both of you will be thankful for.

As you can see, home health aides can be a great addition to your everyday life. If you have any questions or are interested in home care, please let us know!


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