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Holiday Caregiving

iGift_CertificateThink positive this holiday season!

The holiday season is upon us! It is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful as we prepare to travel to visit family, host the family get-togethers, or visit family members we haven’t see in the past year. The reunion can seem even more daunting when considering the caregiving needs of seniors. You’re frantically preparing with the shopping, cleaning, cooking, and buying, and providing caregiving duties on top of that may seem like an impossible task.

Don’t let the stress bring you down and become overwhelming. This is a wonderful time of year and with these simple tips we promise you’ll cherish the time with your family.

Suggest a potluck: You’re not alone in this and your family and friends will recognize that. Don’t try to do all of the cooking alone and instead organize who is going to bring what. That will be an enormous pressure off of your shoulders and give you time to focus on your caregiving duties.

Count on being flexible: No matter how hard you plan, things may simply not fall into place. Family may run late, things may be forgotten, or your loved ones may get upset. Be prepared to handle the unexpected and remain flexible in your plans. Accept the direction things are moving in and work with it. We promise in the end everything will work out fine!

Plan to take breaks: As you are rushing from place to place, make a point to carve out time just for you. Go get a massage, stop in for a drink at a local cafe, read a book or go out on a walk. Don’t let the holiday preparations be all that you focus on. Take some time for you!

Keep your senior in mind: Keep family outings short and be intentional in not creating over-stimulating environments. This can be stressful and overwhelming for older adults if there is a lot of noise, options, and things to do.

Keep up the communication: Be open and upfront with your other family members. Let them know the plan and give suggestions on how they could be of help to you when handling the various caregiving duties. Don’t let past history or discussions frustrate or intimidate you. Simply communicate and ask for help. If everyone is on the same page that will make the process go that much smoother.

john1Create 1 on 1 time: When family gets together it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, particularly for older family members. Sometimes we become so focused on preparing and organizing everything that we forget to simply enjoy the time. Make sure you and other family members are creating special 1 on 1 time to talk with them. This a great opportunity to gauge how they’re doing, help them feel a part of the gathering and to enjoy each other’s company.

Stay positive: Don’t lose sight of the reason for the season. This is an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Don’t let the details of caregiving or hosting distract you from the reward of spending time together in great company.

The holidays are a time to be thankful and reflect back on the year as we prepare to move forward into a new one. Consider these tips as you begin to plan through your holiday season with your loved ones in mind. It’s too easy to become stressed as we think about the many different things that have to happen, especially as you consider the added caregiving duties. Don’t let it! Communication is key as you reach out to your friends and family members, and we hope these tips help you execute a stress-free holiday gathering.

And remember, Angels Senior Home Solutions is always here to back you up and provide caregiving support for your family!

Angels Senior Home Solutions is a based-in-faith company that provides in-home healthcare and personal care services for seniors. Visit our website here or find us on Facebook!

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