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Giving Parents a Gentle Push Toward Home Care

Is it time to have “the talk” with your aging parents? Are they in need of help but having trouble letting go of their independence?

Most parents want to stay at home as long as possible and remain in control of their lives. The thought of having outside help could make them feel like they are losing that control. This is the appeal of Angels Senior Home Solutions: Rather than disrupting them, caregivers help seniors maintain their daily routines. On the surface, their lives will be the same — we’ll just make them run a bit more smoothly.

Angels can assist you with the process of persuading your parents to take advantage of our home care options. Here are some of the benefits you can share with them:

Comfort: Home care reduces stress by allowing seniors to stay in their houses where they feel safe and comfortable.

Personalized care: Our Angels work closely with seniors and are able to deliver more customized care under less time constraints. Home care also keeps families closer together.

Higher quality of life: Studies in America and abroad show that people who receive home care report higher rates of satisfaction with life than those turning to institutional care. Studies from nursing schools and government agencies also show that home care extends longevity of life. People tend to heal more quickly at home.

Safety: Nearly 20% of people who are hospitalized develop an infection or some kind of physical complication. Home care cuts the risk of this happening.

Affordability: Home care is significantly less expensive than hospitalization and nursing facilities.

“Change can be overwhelming,” said Angels Director of Operations Heather Todd. “Sometimes parents need a gentle push toward opportunities like ours. But once they see what we can provide, they open up to the idea of caregivers becoming part of their lives. Our assistance helps them stay in their comfort zone.”

Call (765) 463-2100 to schedule your complimentary assessment with us today. We are here to make life easier for you and your parents.

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