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Finding a Hobby as a Senior Citizen

One of the big questions of life is how to spend your time in a productive but enjoyable way. So for a senior citizen, this question becomes even bigger as free time can now make up most of the time. It’s important as a caregiver or a loved one of a senior citizen to help them find hobbies, things to do to both grow as an individual and enjoy themselves while doing it.

Brainstorming Hobbies

The question of, “What hobby should I pick up?” can seem like a daunting one. If the one you choose doesn’t work out, it’s easy to think of the time and efforts wasted. But it really shouldn’t be such a hard question, as hobbies are meant to be about learning something new. So if one doesn’t work out, you learn, and then you move on to a new one.

There are some basic questions to ask your loved one upon starting the search for a hobby: What do you enjoy doing now? What have you always wanted to do, but never had the time or resources for? What’s something you think you’re good at that you would want to share with others? And any other questions to gauge their current interests and aspirations. From these answers, you branch out to think of what activities they could do or might be interested in trying. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a few examples below.

At this point, it’s also important to consider the resources and limitations of your loved one—whether it’s their physical abilities, financial resources, or available time. While we may want them to participate in everything they’ve ever dreamed of, it might just not be practical and feasible. If they’ve always wanted to travel, but may not have the physical means to do so, maybe see if they wo
uld try a foreign cooking class. The sky is the limit here.

cooking-with-coconut-oilIdeas and Examples of Hobbies

Just in case you still can’t think of anything, we’ve provided you with some examples and ideas of hobbies that many elderly and senior citizens are involved in:


  • Taking a Class
    Classes provided locally are really great for seniors to learn and grow while socializing with others around them. There are art, cooking, writing, gardening, photography, and exercise classes. Depending on their location, there’s probably a class for anything they could think of or want to learn.
  • Family History and Genealogy
    In recent years, this hobby has taken off for people of all ages, with new TV shows, books and software about it. It’s a great way to learn about their heritage and where their family came from—a big part of what makes them the great people they are today. They also often have classes for this or at least software for it at the local library.
  • Get Creative!
    Whether or not they take a class first, getting creative can be a great outlet for a old-friends-555527_960_720senior citizen. Depending on their interests and abilities, they can paint, take photos, scrapbook, make candles, try pottery, knit, quilt, write, or even take up floral arrangement. These activities bring beauty into the world and help your loved ones express themselves.
  • Enjoy Nature
    There’s so much the elderly can do outside. They can take nature walks, garden, bird-watch, play golf, socialize, or fish; there’s not really a limit to the ideas you could come up with. And being outside can be truly beneficial to them—both physically and mentally.

Overall, simply make sure that they’re enjoying themselves and that they’re growing as a person. If you meet those two requirements, we’d say you’re doing a good job in finding the right hobby to pursue.


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