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Angels Lend a Steady Hand

Moving around can a bit more challenging later in life. The risk of injury increases, even for simple daily routines like getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom. Angels Senior Home Solutions can lend a helping hand!

Caregivers can be a great resource when it comes to reducing the risk of falls and other injuries. Here are a few of the many ways they can assist your loved one.

Preparing for appointments and running errands: Caregivers can take on tasks like grocery shopping and driving to the doctor’s office, allowing seniors to clear their minds and conserve energy. We’re here to take weight off people’s backs. Decreased stress drastically reduces the risk of a fall or muscle injury.

Providing physical support: Caregivers offer seniors a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on when they’re climbing stairs or walking to a distant part of their home. Rest assured that they’ll keep your loved one steady and balanced.

Helping with household chores: Seniors don’t have to worry about dusting the top shelf of the pantry or taking out the trash. Caregivers can help with those kinds of chores that can lead to falls.

Assisting with exercise: Trained caregivers can assist with physical therapy exercises that improve strength and reduce the risk of injury.

“If you notice that your loved one is missing appointments and family events or avoiding certain areas of their home, mobility may be an issue,” said People Champion Heather Todd. “We can offer you and your family peace of mind through our caregiver services.”

If your loved one could benefit from these services, please call (765) 463-2100.

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