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Angels Keep Seniors Safe from Drug Interactions

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As people grow older, their medicine cabinets tend to fill up. Seniors take more prescription drugs than any other age group. In fact, according to Drugwatch, 12 percent of seniors use 10 or more medications. Being on multiple medications poses a high risk for dangerous interactions between drugs and other substances. Even drinking grapefruit juice with certain drugs can lead to severe side effects. Caution is key.

Online tools can help seniors keep track of their prescriptions and check for possible interactions with other medications and substances. But nothing beats the personal touch of a caregiver. Angels Senior Home Solutions provides trained, compassionate caregivers to help seniors with …

  • Medication reminders
  • Trips to the pharmacy
  • Consultations with the pharmacist
  • Keeping records of prescriptions and what to avoid taking with them

“Taking medicine as prescribed is a vital part of everyday life for seniors, so we want to make sure they are following their physicians’ orders,” said Carolyn Butera, the Office Coordinator at Angels Senior Home Solutions. “Our Angels are wonderfully protective of the seniors they serve. They treat them like members of their own family.”

Could you or a loved one benefit from medication reminders and support with consultations? Call (765) 463-2100 for more information about the many ways Angels can help.

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