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Angel, Penny Bray makes her 1500th visit.

On September 26, 2006 Penny Bray was hired to work for Angel Senior Home Solutions, Inc.  It was her first day of orientation.  “I remember meeting Penny for the first time”, said Administrator Susan Jordan.  “When I asked everyone to introduce themselves and share something special about themselves she modestly just said her name and then said ‘there is nothing special about me.’  It was then that I thought to myself I need to watch this one.  She truly has a servant’s heart.”

Penny was then introduced to the Schmid family on October 16, 2006.  It was the first day of contact with Gus and LaVeda.  Why was she chosen?  It was in part her skills and personality to be able to work with a client with dementia.  But one of the driving forces was her home being in very near proximity to their farm.  “You never really know if someone is going to fit the personality of the home.

After Penny was introduced to Gus and LaVeda it was clear that LaVeda and Penny shared many personality traits.  It was a great fit from the very beginning.  Two peas in a pod as they say,” saidJordan.  “It truly was divine intervention.  No one knew that day how much Penny would become like family.”

We lost LaVeda unexpectedly back in summer of 2010 but Penny’s tireless commitment has continued.  Their daily need for care and Penny’s servant heart has allowed her to visit them for more than 1500 visits since their inception of care.

“Bridget, our Administrative Assistant, was looking at our data base one day for something entirely different but then she noticed this number jumping out at her.  ‘Number of visits for this client alone, by caregiver, Penny Bray 1496’.  It was then that we decided we needed to celebrate this awesome accomplishment.”

The entire Schmid family was invited to join the Angel’s management team to surprise Penny. Toni Schmid was unable to join us from Colorado but offered these words” How nice of you to celebrate Penny. Only Penny could take care of my dad and she brought lots of joy to my mom”.  Toni went on to say “Penny is one of the most caring individuals I know. We are blessed to have her as part of our family. Penny is a very special Angel.”

The Beef House was selected to host our celebration.  Penny was speechless, but then again Penny would be.  She is very humble and doesn’t like to call attention to herself.  She has been called to serve others and that is always her focus.

Here’s to an accomplishment of giving from the heart.



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