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March 7, 2017
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4 Ways to Improve Home Safety for Seniors

As our parents age, we become increasingly concerned about their safety at home. You might find yourself wondering if Mom can get around the house easily with her cane, or if Dad can see well enough to go up and down the steps after forgetting to put on his glasses.

If you’re concerned about the growing risk of your loved ones falling or injuring themselves in their home, take a moment to survey the house for hazards. You can follow these four steps to improve safety and give your parents confidence in navigating their home.

  1. Add Light to the Home

Vision decreases as an individual gets older. Improve visibility in dimly lit rooms and hallways by adding light fixtures. In existing light fixtures, replace low-wattage bulbs with higher-wattage bulbs to better illuminate a space. In addition, clean the interior and exterior sides of windows. Removing any residue will allow more natural light to come into a room.

  1. Install Stair Railings

Stairs can increase the risk of falling. Installing a solid stair railing provides support and improves balance. If the home already has stair rails, check them annually to ensure they are securely mounted to the wall.

  1. Anchor Rugs to the Floor

Rugs pose a common trip hazard. Anchor rugs to the floor with non-slip mats or rug tape. If there are any loose throw rugs in the home that cannot be anchored down, remove them completely.

  1. Clean Up Clutter

Removing excess clutter improves mobility and safety. Open up the home by removing unused furniture. Knick-knacks or books can become a danger if they fall off furniture or shelving and create a tripping risk. Place power cords behind furniture, or close to the wall, to decrease the risk of falling. Taking clutter out of the home frees up space, and gives your loved one more room to move safely.

If you are concerned about your loved one’s safety at home, contact Senior Home Companions. Our team is happy to talk with you about additional tips that can make the home safer and assist through the process of working with an organization, such as CICOA, to provide a thorough assessment of any risk factors in the home.

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