Home Care
Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that choosing home care can be an overwhelming process. We've made note of the most frequently asked questions below and are happy to help answer any other questions you may have.
How much does in-home care cost?

We believe that no two individuals are alike. Each client has unique needs and different support systems, and each person requires care services that are tailored to meet his or her specific needs, which is why we have different services available. Our caregivers are specifically matched to meet the care needs and personality of each client.

Because we have different levels of skilled caregivers and each client has specific needs, estimates of service are provided after our initial assessment. This way, we can ensure that each client receives an accurate estimate of cost.

How do you hire your caregivers?

We begin by having applicants fill out, in person, an application and complete a caregiver exam. The next step in the process is to do a personal interview followed by a work history verification with at least two references. Applicants undergo a limited criminal history check, which is required by law, and also a Bureau of Motor Vehicles check.

If an applicant passes all screening processes, he or she is welcomed as an Angel. Once an Angel, we provide an intense orientation and ongoing training opportunities. Each Angel receives ongoing supervision and training from a registered nurse. This is to evaluate if additional training is necessary and if the caregiver is fulfilling duties to the best of his or her ability.

How do you train your staff?

It begins with employing great caregivers with experience. New employees begin with a half-day orientation to our organization and policies. Skills are then assessed by our nursing staff, and we work with new employees on education and the development of new skills and knowledge.

We have mandatory, quarterly training that covers topics such as personal care, illness behavior, dementia, best practices, and more. We offer assistance for staff to become certified as personal services attendants or home health aides if they wish to advance their careers. We also provide monthly, ongoing education for all certified Angels so they may acquire up to 12 educational credits per year in order to maintain their certification. In addition, we are always searching for ways to educate and assist with skill-building opportunities for our caregivers.

What if issues arise? Who do I contact?

You will be assigned a Client Services Manager to oversee your care and services in the home. If there are issues that arise, your Client Services Manager will intervene on your behalf and work with senior management and the caregiver to rectify any dissatisfaction. If necessary, that caregiver will be removed from your case and counseled, as well as provided additional education.

Are Angels' services covered by Medicare?

No. This specific level of care is considered “custodial,” and Medicare only pays for a “skilled need and level of service." With Medicare, patients have to show progress because it is intended to be short-term coverage, not a long-term option for care. Upon assessment, if we identify a need that can be met by your Medicare coverage, we will provide advice and work with you on securing services covered by Medicare. We work to ensure each client's needs are met, no matter if we provide the service or not.

What if my loved one does not think he or she needs care?

This can be a very challenging situation, which we have dealt with many times before. First, we will talk to your loved one as a third party because sometimes it helps to hear it from a stranger. We talk about how we can assist with regaining independence and improving quality of life. We explain that many of our clients felt that they didn't need service; however, once they began receiving services, they realized it is a blessing and that we really do help to improve their life—not take over.

What if we need to change our scheduled hours or days?

We understand that life is a journey and no one knows what the future holds. Our commitment to you is that we will be flexible in order to meet changing needs, both if you get better or need additional assistance. If you should need to cancel future services, they are fully refundable, provided a credit policy is followed. We want to ensure that you only pay for the services that you have received.

If you should need to increase services, we carry a personal service agency license with the Indiana State Department of Health and can provide the same level of ongoing care you would receive in an extended care facility. We have the opportunity to provide care from housekeeping to 24-hour supervised nursing care.

Can I trust your staff?

We have an extensive screening process and hire only the best caregivers. However, our experience in this industry has shown that sometimes good people make poor choices. Therefore, we have put systems into place to keep you and your belongings safe. If an incident should arise, we are licensed and insured, and you can be certain we will properly and swiftly rectify the situation.

What if my caregiver and I don’t get along?

Angels is a relationship-based business, and we understand that sometimes two people just don’t mesh despite our efforts to match clients and caregivers. We are guests in your home, and you have the right to receive assistance from someone you are compatible with and trust. That is one of the greatest benefits of working with an agency like ours; we always have additional options for you to choose from. We are happy to work with you to find that perfect caregiver match.

What payment types are accepted?

We are a private pay agency that accepts payments including cash or check. Angels can accept actual VA insurance as a certified VA provider and Aide and Attendance benefits. We also provide services covered under long-term care insurance. Long-term care policies can differ in coverage, and we are happy to assist in determining your level of coverage and care. Also, if you or your spouse are a veteran, you may be eligible for veteran aide and attendant benefits or disability benefits. We will help you through the process of determining your benefits.

Should I be concerned about hidden fees?

No. We provide a clear estimate of service at the onset of care. If additional services occur, you will be aware of the increase of fees prior to Angels providing the care.

Do you provide transportation assistance or run errands for clients?

Yes. We encourage clients to be active and venture out and about (if it is safe for them) with their caregiver. We prefer to transport clients in their own personal vehicles, but we can also provide transportation in a caregiver's vehicle if necessary.

Will I be charged if I discontinue service?

If there is a medical reason, such as an admission to the hospital or change in condition that goes beyond what your scheduled caregiver is assigned, you will be able to discontinue your scheduled services without incurring any additional fees.

However, if you wish to discontinue service for other reasons, we ask that you provide a 72-hour notice prior to your next scheduled visit out of respect for the caregiver so that we can reassign him or her.

Where can I receive services?

Angels can provide care anywhere you call home including in a private residence, assisted living communities, independent living communities. In some cases, we can also provide care in an extended care facility (nursing home).